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At Akamai, moving faster forward is our motto and there has been no shortage of updates in the past few months. Below are just a few of our latest innovations, aimed at improving your experience developing, testing, iterating, and operating your website or application.


Fast Purge

Updated:Fast Purge is now in Limited Availability! and is automatically enabled for all customers. For instructions on how to take advantage of the Fast Purge UI in Luna Control Center or the Fast Purge API check out this post

In our on-going efforts to improve the tools and functionality available to our customers, we are excited to let you know that our engineering teams have been making meaningful strides in helping customers purge content quickly in Luna and our latest CCU API.


But we’re not stopping there. Gain more control over how you serve your content, and make updates almost instantly with our recently launched 5-second Fast Purge. With Fast Purge, you can achieve even faster refreshing of cached content at unrivaled Akamai scale.


Fast Activation

UpdatedFast Activation is Now Live in Limited Availability on Property Manager!  Over 150 customers use Fast Activation already, and throughout October we will automatically roll this out to hundreds of additional ones. Let us know if you are interested in getting is sooner than our natural roll out over the next two quarters by following the instructions in this post! 

With Fast Activation, activating Property configuration changes on Akamai’s Property Manager takes under 15-minutes.


Have questions? Want to get involved with Fast Activation? Fill out this brief form to sign up.

You can also contact Technical Support or follow up directly with your Account Manager.





Fast Purge

Fast Activation

Are there prerequisites for participation?

Your account must be on an Akamai acceleration or delivery solution.

Fast Activation will only be supported on Property Manager, and can only be enabled for an entire contract (not individual configuration files).


Technical issues will still limit certain contracts from participating, but these will be relaxed in early 2017.

When will I be accepted into the program?

Fast Purge is already enabled on your account!

Most Akamai customers can qualify for the program right now! In some cases, it may take until early 2017.

How long does it take to turn on?

The UI is already enabled for you!


The API will take as long as it takes you to integrate with the newest purge API.



When is this going to exit Beta?

Already in Limited Availability!

General Availability expected in early Q1, 2017.

Already in Limited Availability!

General Availability expected in early Q1, 2017.

How much performance benefit can I expect?

Fast Purge's throughput is virtually unlimited, at over 100X more than our older CCU capabilities, all in approximately 5 seconds.

Fast Activation is ~4-6 times faster than activating configuration changes the old way, typically taking under 15 minutes.

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