Pages That Pop, Through Layered Cache Techniques

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Session Title: Pages That Pop, Through Layered Cache Techniques


Speaker: Martin Flack, Akamai




A survey of techniques for fast-loading pages, challenging the traditional classification of simple cacheability. Using cached base pages and structural assets, dynamic page assembly, AJAX fill-ins, and leveraging new techniques such as Fast and H2 Push, make your site “pop” onto screens small and large. We will discuss organizing files and data for cacheability; personalization vs freshness as two driving factors that traditionally preclude caching, and how Fast Purge changes this paradigm; how using AJAX fill-ins or ESI at the Edge can save pages polluted with dynamic elements; and using EdgeStart to boost fully-personalized pages. We will also touch on updating pages that are already loaded, discussing AJAX polling and introducing the concept of WebSockets.


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Presented at Edge 2016