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Current version





Supported Media Players

Media PlayerVersionOther dependencies
hls.js0.6.19 - 0.7.3N/A
Shaka Player2.0.4N/A
video.js - hls.js5.6.0hls.js v0.6.19
video.js  MPEG-DASH5.6.0dash.js v2.4.0, videojs-contrib-dash v2.6.1


Known Issues:  

Update: 22nd June 2017 

A bug in MASDK v1.2.2 prevents playback of HLS streams with video.js v6 and later. This will be fixed in the future MASDK release.

Update: 28th March 2017 

A bug introduced in hls.js v0.7.4 makes this version incompatible with MASDK. Please see bug report #1068 for further details.



SDK Locations



SDK versioning

The SDK releases are versioned using semantic versioning, where each version is denoted by <major-version>.<minor-version>.<patch>.


Each SDK release is available as a minified JavaScript file for each supported media player, accessible at the following locations:

  •<player>.min.js -- delivers the latest version of the SDK (stable or unstable). Not recommended for production.
  •<player>.min.js -- delivers the latest stable version of the SDK.
  •<major-version>/<player>.min.js -- delivers the latest stable version of the SDK for the specified major version. Recommended for production use.
  •<major-version>.<minor-version>/<player>.min.js -- delivers the latest stable version of the SDK for the specified major and minor version. Recommended for production use.
  •<major-version>.<minor-version>.<patch>/<player>.min.js -- delivers the SDK for the specified version.
Specific SDK Locations for Version 1.2.2.


Running the Sample Players



  • A web server
  • A web browser (e.g., Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome)


To run the sample players, you need to deploy the sample players to a web server and point your browser to the sample players. Assuming your web server is running on port <PORT_NUMBER>, and you deployed the examples folder to the web server directory, browse to localhost:<PORT_NUMBER>/examples/<media-player>/ where <media-player> is one of the supported media players.

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