Media Acceleration "Getting Started"

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  • Customer has accepted the software license agreement. (link)
  • Identify a production configuration to enable MAE. - identify a AMD, DD, OD, MSOD config.  These configs  require HTTPS w/ share Cert.  
  • Note: Enabling MAE is a “no risk” implementation with in all cases fallback to TCP.

Getting Started:

  1. Download SDK and integration Guides 
  • SDKs can be found on for Android, iOS/tvOS and Javascript (Browsers). (LINK)
  1. SDK Integration:
  • Please review Integration guide, see support below if you have any questions.
  • We estimate SDK integration should be very straight forward and take 1 day to complete, plus your standard QA cycle.

Configuration Settings:

  • If you are using Adaptive Media Delivery (AMD) or Download Delivery (DD) or MSOD (static packaging):
    • No additional Akamai configurations changes are required.
  • If you are using MSL 3.2/4.0, PMD, HTTPS Downloads:
    • This will require a Metadata change, please work with your account team on getting these changes into your configurations.
  1. Testing – Functional/QA testing and User Acceptance Testing
  • May include partial deployment/release to production to test on a subset of user population.


  1. Release to production environment
  • Submission of an updated app to the App stores
  • Customer task: Your standard app release cycle


  1. Post Release Tasks
  • Monitoring
  • New app releases


Support policy

  • Integration Support can be found on Akamai community (Link)
  • Please use the above link for any assistance/questions you may have. 
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