Your Feedback Fuels Our Innovation - Q2 2017

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We are always LISTENING and ACTING on our Customers' feedback, and striving to focus on priorities and initiatives that matter most to you and your business. Over the past year, your feedback has fueled initiatives in areas that you told are critical to your business needs.


We wanted to share insights into a few of those INITIATIVES that our teams at Akamai are driving to IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE:


Akamai Marketplace

Customer Benefits

Updates to our Marketplace capabilities will provide you with a more efficient way to trial products

  • Self-Service trials
  • Improving transition time between sign-up & provisioning
  • Increasing product availability

Ability to purchase SSL certificates online

  • Ability to purchase all SSL certs online by July 2017

Product Documentation Experience

Customer Benefits

Converting product documentation from PDFs → HTML help paradigm

  • Modern & easy to navigate content
  • Content publicly available on a new Akamai Documentation Hub

(More details on this at the upcoming 2017 Edge Conference )

Rewriting key user content in a task-based, modular paradigm

  • Find the right information at the right place at the right time
  • Increased self-serviceability
  • Improved experience using our cloud-based products

Improved API documentation

Continued investment in our Developer & Administrator content with new blogs, cheat sheets, and introductory topics explaining key workflows and common tasks

  • Self-service learning to get started on Akamai quickly and easily

Web Products

Customer Benefits

Onboard & Configuration Assistant (OCA): A simplified and automated tool for Onboarding to Akamai and managing your configurations

  • Move your website/application to Akamai quickly, without the need for technical experts
  • Once onboarded, get recommendations from Akamai for optimizing configurations based on real-traffic analysis

Standard TLS: A cost-effective solution to deliver secure traffic that makes it easier for customers to move to TLS everywhere

  • Standard TLS for DSD customers is live in Beta
  • No additional cost associated with secure traffic delivery

Standard TLS traffic is not PCI compliant, so this not an appropriate solution for financial transactions

Varnish Connector: Varnish administrators can now make changes locally using VCL and have those changes echoed back to Akamai in real time

  • Operational efficiency - control your Akamai configuration using VCL and in your existing workflows
  • Better offload and longer TTLs with the ability to purge cache at a single location (origin)
  • Synced cache layers -  avoid duplicate, error-prone work

Fast Purge: Fast Purge enables devops and app owners to perform faster invalidate and purge operations with Akamai

  • Instant Purge and Invalidation - cache objects for long TTLs without sacrificing freshness
  • Offload content that’s “event-driven”  (e.g. weather, news, prices, etc.)
  • Integrate purge caches via API in your existing workflows for CI/CD

Adaptive Acceleration: Machine learning uses real-user behavior to continuously adapt and prioritize performance optimizations across your site

  • Deliver rich, personalized experiences to your users without loads of coding and iteration.
  • Ion determines the optimal time to push content and pre-connect to 3rd-parties to deliver fast and optimized experiences automatically.

Media Products

Customer Benefits

Media Acceleration: Enhanced quality, speed and consistency for Akamai Media Delivery


  • Fantastic video streaming experiences with minimal re-buffering and consistently higher picture quality
  • Fast game download experiences that improve play times and monetization opportunities
  • Included feature of Media Delivery products; enabled by integrating Media Acceleration SDK into supported apps & browsers

Edge IP BInding: Delivery for a broad range of media at global scale using a small fixed set of IP addresses.

  • Simplifies Zero rated billing use cases for media publishers by tracking global media traffic, which can then be zero rated by a network operator
  • Applies to secure enterprise delivery uses cases
  • Available feature for Adaptive Media Delivery, Download Delivery and Object Delivery

Media Services Live: High performance ingest and liveOrigin Service for live streaming.

  • Improve the throughput, performance and reliability of ingest with UPD technology
  • Bring viewers closer to the live experience with 10-second end-to-end low latency support
  • Eliminate a single point of failure with built-in network redundancy for entry-points
  • Securely transport content with end-to-end TLS support
  • Better insights into first-mile performance and health through enhanced monitoring and reporting

Predictive Content Delivery SDK: Download to Go; background download of user defined titles or series.

  • Allows users to download videos to their personal devices for offline playback.
  • App users can select specific titles or schedule regular content downloads.
  • Remove barriers to on-the-go video consumption with device cached videos that don’t eat-up subscriber data plans.
  • Optimizes video downloads in the background while the device sits idle connected to Wi-Fi or a strong cellular connection.

Improved Engagement & Support

Customer Benefits

Piloting Chat Capabilities and programs over the course of the next year such as access to LIVE Chat

  • Easier & faster resolution and support

Increased Strategic Alignment

Customer Benefits

Over the course of the year, we are implementing programs and processes to create stronger strategic alignment with our Customers’ business needs

  • More consistent and valuable Customer Business Reviews
  • Greater focus on your business priorities to drive high-value Akamai engagement
  • Increased proactive relationship management

User Experience Activities

Customer Benefits

Increased opportunities throughout the year to participate in Akamai’s User design process and product development beta programs

  • Greater involvement in Akamai’s product design process
  • Influence usability priorities
  • Gain visibility into product enhancements & new capabilities


To learn more about the programs and initiatives, please contact your Account team at Akamai. 


You can also email us at


Akamai Customer Experience Team