AnswerX Managed - Outsource your DNS Resolvers on-net with Akamai (Product Brief)

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AnswerX Manage combined the massive experience of Akamai's global network and applies it to the Operator's DNS Resolver infrastructure. DNS Managed is a "private cloud" of DNS Resolver inside the Operator's network. Akamai uses the same global AnswerX Cloud methodology to manage the Operator's DNS Resolvers. The DNS Resolvers are strategically placed within the Operator's network to ensure maximum effectiveness and resolution time. An SLA provides the confidence to allow Operators the "contractual trust" needed for something as critical to the business as the DNS Resolvers. 


AnswerX Managed

AnswerX Managed includes the same features and optional components as the licensed version of Akamai’s leading rDNS solution

AnswerX, with the following differences:

  • With AnswerX Managed, Akamai fully operates and maintains the operator’s rDNS while the ISP/operator implements, maintains, and retains control over its own DNS policies
  • AnswerX Managed includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that covers the full deployment
  • AnswerX Managed includes an operator portal, which provides dashboard visibility to overall status and system health as well as statistics and

reports related to DNS traffic and behavior.


AnswerX Managed Feature/Functionality

  • Carrier-Grade Recursive DNS – AnswerX was designed from the start to meet operator standards for performance, capacity, and resiliency. With support and services from Akamai, AnswerX Managed delivers superb value to operators—in the form of cost savings, operational efficiency, and reliability—that “free” rDNS solutions cannot match.


  • ECS for Optimum Performance – AnswerX supports the EDNS0 Client Subnet (ECS) extension, which maps the delivery of Internet content (web pages, video, software downloads, etc.) to CDN cache resources located closest to the end user’s actual location, rather than the location of the AnswerX server, resulting in significant decreases in latency and download times.


  • Smart, subscriber-aware, preference-driven – AnswerX processes DNS requests/responses at high speed according to preferences and network policies to block particular network connections. These dynamic settings can be modified without performance degradation or system restart.


  • Dynamic policy controls – AnswerX Policy controls can be centrally configured or derived automatically based on policy engine feedback. Each node shares data with other nodes in a meshed configuration for consistent system-wide functionality. Responses are also dynamic.


  • Secure Resiliency and Protection – AnswerX Managed is deployed in a redundant and distributed fashion designed to ensure non-stop availability and fast response times. DNS rate limiting provides added resistance to DDoS attacks, whether malicious or accidental, fortifying the AnswerX Managed platform.


  • Useful Analytics – AnswerX features a TopN query engine that allows operators to recognize top N destinations within a given time period and a dashboard that allows cross-functional views of metrics that define DNS platform health.


  • Private Cloud Services – Whether an administrative portal for Name Controls, a landing page for Search Guide, or a walled garden for network notifications, Akamai provides turnkey brandable cloud services that augment Answer X to deliver 100% uptime and fast time to market.


The Akamai AnswerX Managed Solution


Akamai makes the Inte#rnet fast, reliable, and secure and has relationships with hundreds of network operators to optimize the delivery of Internet services to subscribers. AnswerX Managed offers the features and capabilities of AnswerX in an OpEx-friendly, DNS-as-a-Service form factor designed to helps ISPs/operators leverage their rDNS platform to quickly deploy new services and make existing services faster, safer, and more reliable.


Solution highlights include:


  • Fully managed by Akamai’s team of DNS experts, including Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • AnswerX operator portal for policy configuration and at-a-glance DNS monitoring
  • Value-add services – Name Controls, Search Guide, AnalytX
  • Performance – proven to handle over 300 billion DNS requests daily, capable of 1 million DNS transactions per second
  • Resiliency – clustered operation and rate limiting to drop unwanted network traffic
  • Extensibility and programmability – quickly deploy new services or updates
  • Instantaneous, automatic dissemination of policy updates to all service nodes
  • Uniquely and specifically engineered for network operators and Internet service providers
  • Carrier-hardened and proven, with over 10 years of live AnswerX deployments