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A best practices clip shared by Salvador Camacho based on the "Load Test Creation Tutorial" from training.  For CloudTest scripting use the file S01_ SOASTAStore Best Practices clip.xml.


Best Practices incorporated

- Pages are named, so that they are meaningful in the analytics at the time of running a test.

- Transaction have names with numeration, so that they are meaningful in the analytics. The numbers are used so that the transactions appear in order of execution in the "Collection Analysis (Grouped)" widget.

- The clip also has a number, so that if there are more clips, they are shown in order in the "Clip Analysis" widget.

- Correlations using Xpaths manually created and Substrings.

- All test assets are in the same folder.

- Include only the domains that you are interested in, in this case

- Exclude third party sites such as,, Google analytics, doubleclick, etc.

- Use of dynamic retrieval of assets to have a durable clip.

- Cache Dynamic Resources is enabled to better simulate a browser.

- All transactions have one text validation.

- There is a think time at the beginning of the clip so that if there are lots of errors the application under test is not hit often, it also avoids overloading the load generators in case there are lots of errors.



- Randomly selects a forum, where the clip will later add a new topic.

- Use of seed data at the clip level to select the different 5 user accounts.

- Think times are set randomly from 20 to 25 seconds at the clip level.

- Creation of a unique name for the new topic now in the UI, instead of in a JavaScript.

- Randomly creating a string for the new topic body content as well as for the reply body content via the UI, instead of in a JavaScript.

- Extraction of several properties changed from to {%% sys-prop : destination : HostName %%} to have a more robust clip. So any change in the Target's Location doesn't affect the clip.

- Filter added to exclude *avatar* for dynamic resources.


JMeter Option

Attached is a JMX file: SOASTAStore Load Test (30 Users, 5 minute ramp), along with the JMeter credentials seed data required.


JMX Comments:

This script is based on the "Load Test Creation Tutorial". There are a total of 7 transactions.

The script randomly selects from the forums to post a new comment, then it replies to that comment.