Test Clip Creation Checklist

Document created by B-F-F08DRX Employee on Jul 11, 2017
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  • View in full screen mode
  • Record scenario
  • Filter out unnecessary requests/hostnames in the recording
  • Convert recording to clip (the defaults are used almost 100% of the time)
    • Sequenced clip timing
    • Auto-name messages
    • Insert think times
    • Filter out any identified targets you don’t want to include
    • Automatically create pages
  • Verify page creation is accurate in clip (make sure resource requests are in the correct page; pay particular attention to POSTs)
  • Play test clip to identify HTTP 404 errors  (disable/delete those requests as needed)
  • Add transactions to the test (although not required, this is recommended as a best practice and improves test results)
  • Add validations to each major step in the test
  • Correlate variables in the test clip using any of the three most common options:
    • Session Template Package Wizard
    • Session Template Wizard
    • Manually correlating
  • Verify correlation is accurate by running the test back with 2 virtual users and confirming both virtual users complete the use case successfully
  • Parameterize test with any additional data required to run the test in multi-user mode (i.e. unique logins, custom search terms, etc.)
  • Make sure think times are appropriate
  • Ensure any scripts are set to clear the response of the message it used
  • Run test with 5 virtual users and a serial repeat of 2; make sure all user scenarios complete successfully