Test Composition Creation Checklist

Document created by B-F-F08DRX Employee on Jul 11, 2017
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  • View in full screen mode
  • Add clips to separate tracks (in most cases); if there are dependencies or sequences required between clips, they should be placed in the appropriate order on the track
  • Set track to run on “dedicated load server” or “dedicated load server @ [location]”
  • Set server count (copy count) on each track
  • Set virtual users on each track
  • Set ramp-up on each track
  • Set ‘renew parallel repeats’ on each track
  • Set different locations on each track, if required
  • Set load mode
  • Configure track properties for data seeding, if required
  • Select appropriate monitors, if required


Composition Pre-Run Checklist

  • Run a validation test to verify all test clips complete in general mode with a single user
  • Verify preview mode on/off as needed
  • Verify load mode set correctly
  • Verify virtual users (especially with regard to seed data requirements)
  • Verify ramp-up times
  • Verify no zero think time overrides in composition or in test clips
  • Verify locations
  • Verify load servers started and operational
  • Verify monitoring works (i.e. conductor(s) are connected, monitoring starts, view analytics works, etc.)
  • Verify host overrides
  • Verify DNS settings are checked on all targets (if using Akamai)
  • When using Seed Data, load composition at least 30 minutes before the test to make sure it loads—then unload it

  • Optional: Turn on Full URL Analysis
  • Optional: Set “Extended Error” on the Transport Layer