mPulse Mobile URL Pattern

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For mobile apps, the URLs tab lets you define which URLs are captured within your app.


By default, all network traffic is monitored, and only the domain is reported on.

If you would like to report the path of the network requests, then you create an entry in this tab.

Example: How to Add a mPulse Mobile URL Pattern

1- Go to Central > Apps. Double click on your mobile app or create a new one.

2- Go to the URLs tab,  enter the desired URL, and click the Parse URL button. It will present you with parts of the URL. 


3- Click on the URL part that you would like to have a wild card.

4- Then click the Generate button to see the final URL pattern. Notice that the selected part changed color.

5- Click the Finish button to add the pattern.

6- Then you have the resulting URL Pattern.

Note: You have to explicitly specify which paths you want to match. For example, if you specify*/foo/*/baz, then it will match all URLs that match this pattern, but only retain the foo and baz parts of the path. It matches the, removes the hello and world parts, and saves the rest.