Custom Metric Improvements

Document created by DPM Admin Employee on Jul 13, 2017
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As of mPulse 57, the behaviour of the percentage data type has improved (see example below). 
You also have the following percentage calculation options:

  • Once per Session
  • Once per Page

Example - Conversion Handling Improvement

A site has 10 user sessions. 2 users purchase a total of 6 items, while the other 8 do not convert.

As a result of this improvement, the conversion rate is now 20%.

mPulse Boomerang

  • When using XPath or CSS Selectors, the metric will result in a value of "1" if a DOM element matching the XPath/CSS Selector exists on the page.
  • When using JavaScript variables, the metric will result in a value of "1" if the JavaScript variable exists and is "truthy" (not: false, 0 , "" (empty string), null, undefined, NaN).

Percentage Metric

1- To define the percentage data type, go to Central > Apps. Double click on your app, click the Advanced button to open the  Configuration screen, and go to theMetrics tab.

2- Click the plus (+) sign to create a new percentage metric. Choose one of the following radio buttons:

  • Once per Session (default option)
    Specifies whether the conversion happens once per session
    For example, if an user has one item in their shopping cart, then on this specific case the result is one conversion. If the user purchases, leaves the cart, and then selects and purchases another item, the system counts as one conversion. If there is just another user that does not buy anything, then the conversion rate is 50%.
  • Once per Page 
    Specifies whether the conversion happens once per page . Note that if you choose this option, you may have a percentage result that is higher than 100%; for example, an user buys an item twice.