Synthetic Monitoring via Rigor Integration

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As of mPulse 57, we support external data source integration with Rigor. This new feature adds support for viewing synthetic performance measurements, captured by Rigor, in mPulse and CloudTest dashboards.



Login to your Rigor Web page, and copy the API key that you find in the Settings of your Rigor user profile. You will need this API key to create the mPulse external data source.


Create Rigor External Data Source

1 - Go to Central > External Data Sources.


2- Click the Plus sign to add a new External Data Source.

3- Fill out the server name. Optionally, specify a folder location and a description.

4- For the Type field, choose Rigor.  Then, enter the API Key (see prerequisites section above). Test your connection to ensure that it is successful. Click Ok.


As a result, the new Rigor external data source is added to the External Data Sources list on Central.

Use New Rigor External Data Source on Your Dashboard  

Coming soon, you will have the following options available to use on the dashboard:

  • Average Response Time
  • Error Count
  • Maximum Response Time
  • Minimum Response Time
  • Percentage Downtime
  • Percentage Uptime
  • Response Time Standard Deviation
  • Run Count
  • SLA Percentage

 Once you drag the metric onto the dashboard, data will appear.

Note that synthetic checks typically only run once an hour or so. This means that Last 5 Minutes or even Last 30 Minutes may not show any data. 

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