JavaScript Error Tracking

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As of mPulse 57, you are able to track JavaScript errors on your site back to the stack trace for easy troubleshooting and fixing.

You can track the following on every beacon:

  • The number of JavaScript errors seen on the page.
  • Information about errors for that beacon, such as stacks.


Boomerang minimum version: 1.376 or later

How to Enable JavaScript Error Tracking

As of mPulse 57.0.17, you have the new Collect JavaScript Errors, which allows you to collect JavaScript errors.

It can now be configured from the app dialog, and no longer requires site customization.

Prerequisite: Boomerang 1.394 version. For prior versions, from 1.376 to 1.381, see the Boomerang documentation on how to configure it.

1. Go to Central > Apps.

2. Double-click on your app to open the advanced configuration screen.

3. Select the Beacons tab.

4. Click the Collect JavaScript Errors checkbox. Note that you have additional settings, such as maximum number of unique errors to track per page.


JavaScript Error Dashboards

Coming soon, you will have new JavaScript Error Reporting features to visualise on the Dashboard.

Prerequisites for the JavaScript Error Analytics

  • You have completed the configuration to capture JavaScript errors. For information more about this configuration, see JavaScript Error Tracking.

How to View JavaScript Error Analytics on the Dashboard

1. Go to Central > Dashboard.

2. Open the App Errors Summary or the App Errors List dashboard.

3. You can click on an error from the App Errors Summary dashboard and it will open the App Errors List dashboard filtered to that error only.

4. You can also drill into the error in the Waterfall dashboard as well by clicking the "Open in Waterfall" link at the bottom left of the App Errors List dashboard.

Error Summary Dashboard




Error List Dashboard

View JavaScript Errors on the Waterfall Dashboard

Go to your Waterfall Dashboard, and choose Error Count from the dropdown option of the Beacon filter.


Then go to the Errors tab on the Beacons Details metric to view the JavaScript errors.