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As of mPulse 57, mPulse Boomerang has a React plugin, which allows users to automatically monitor their React Single Page App's (SPA) navigations beyond the initial page load.

In non-SPA scenarios, your visitors do a full navigation with every new page they visit. The browser requests the new page's HTML from the server, and the CSS and JavaScript is re-executed once all of the components have been loaded.

In SPA apps, only the first page that the visitor loads is a full navigation. All subsequent navigations are handled by frameworks like React, where it dynamically pulls in the content it needs to render the new page, without doing a full navigation.

With the Boomerang React Plugin, Boomerang is able to track all of the SPA navigations beyond the first, initial navigation. React joins Angular, Ember, and Backbone as SPA frameworks supported by mPulse.


Boomerang minimum version: 1.317 or later

Choose the React Plugin

1- Go to Central > Apps.

2- Click the + (Plus) icon on the Central toolbar (top left).
3- The Configure Your App box appears with Web App checked by default.

4- Click React or Browser History App Type.


Note: Existing apps can be edited by double-clicking them in the Apps list.

5- Select the General tab.

6- Choose React from the SPA Framework dropdown menu.