Session Metrics and Session Timeouts

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Session metrics are calculated using the Session Timeout setting, which is located on the Sessions tab in the Configuration screen of your app.

While configuring Session Timeout, consider the following:

  • The default Session Timeout setting is 30 minutes, but any value between 1 and 60 minutes can be set.
  • The timeout clock only starts when the user stops using the site and the session timeout is reset whenever there is user activity.
  • Once the timeout is completed, the dashboard will show data for the time when the last user activity took place.
  • Any session-based metrics such as a bounce rate or conversion rate will not be reported until the session timeout interval has passed for that session.




 Domain Administrators should also note the following about mPulse analytics and the Session Timeout setting:

  • The Metrics over Time widgets will show metrics per beacon, which is not reliant on user sessions, for all metrics that are non-percentage based.
  • If a percentage metric is selected then the Metrics over Time will show that metric based only on completed session times. For example, if a 30-minute moving time window is in effect in a given percentage metric, it will remain blank for the 30-minute period, and only data from outside that 30 minutes will be posted as completed.

Completed Session Calculation Method

Every session has a timeout associated with it, which is equal to the value defined in the Session Timeout field.  

Note that the default value is 30 minutes.

Any beacon received for the given session will refresh its timeout. However, if the timeout interval has elapsed, and no new beacons have been received in the given timeout period, then the session will be considered complete, and will be time-stamped according to the last beacon received.