mPulse Dashboard Widgets

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The mPulse dashboard includes the following default widgets. The mPulse widgets can also be added to custom dashboards via the Widget Selection Panel by using drag-and-drop. 

As of mPulse 57, the widgets are organized by category. 



Examples of Widgets


The Summary widget calculates the summary data, such as:

  • Page Views
  • Page Load
  • Bounce Rate
  • Network Erros



Beacons (a.k.a Histogram)

This widget indicates the number of beacons that lie within a given time range in seconds.

Measurements Over Time vs. Page Load

This multi-dimension widget contains measurements over time vs. page load.



The interactive Geography widget shows median load performance by geographic unit. The widget legend shows performance in second and assigns a color for the given range. As with other mPulse performance analytics, color is coded to indicate performance by geography, from darker green (great) to lighter green (good) to yellow (fair) and darker yellow (poor) and on to red (extremely poor).

TIP: The Geography widget is also included in the Metric Analysis dashboard and will display popups for the custom metric selected at the dashboard level as data for a metric arrives.

Click the Plus (+) or Minus (-) controls as you would with any interactive map. Click a country to inspect performance details for Median Load and Measurements (i.e. the number of beacons collected per the selection).

Note that the 4.499 second median load above matches the location in the color range shown on the legend.

Click Filter to this Country show only the current selection in this widget and to filter the other dashboard widgets to this country.


mPulse measures every user experience on every page. You can segment performance by geography, web vs. mobile, device type, and network. The waterfall view shows you how these factors – as well as third-party services – directly impact your users, so you can quickly identify the root cause of your performance issues.

More Information


The what-if widgets uses predictive analytics to tell you the impact of performance changes on conversions, revenue, and other business metrics.




Page Groups

This widget provides real user management filterable by the administrator defined page groups. Refer to Configuring mPulse to Use Page Groups.


This tabular widget has beacon counts.


A/B Tests

This metric shows statistics broken down by user-defined bucket test. Bucket tests are administrator- and/or developer-assigned categories that distinguish one site or app configuration from another. For more information, see Configuring mPulse to measure A/B bucket tests.

Page Load by Minute

This widget provides per-minute real user measurement statistics for page load time by minute.



Sessions Per Page Load Time

The Sessions Per Page Load Time widget presents the number of sessions per load time bucket based on the mean load time across the session.



Note: A median is useful when summarizing across different members of a population, and a mean is useful when summarizing multiple actions by the same individual. A single session's load time is best defined by the mean across the entire session since every page view, including the fastest and the slowest, affect that individual user's experience. The population's load time, across all page views for all users is better defined by the median across all users because outliers tend not to affect the population as a whole. 



Bounce Rate over Time

The Bounce Rate over Time widget shows the bounce rate, or exit rate, of users.