How do I resolve the MakeAppTouchTestable "Exception while creating image object" error?

Document created by DPM Admin Employee on Jul 18, 2017
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In some cases when applying the MakeAppTouchTestable utility to a project, the user will encounter the following error:

"Exception while creating image object: The image is too large (maximum size is ...).  You should add one manually."

The Maximum Image Size for a given app is set via the Central, Site Administration, Maximum Image Size drop-down. The absolute Maximum Image Size is 500k; however, the default is only 50k.

Use the following steps to resolve this issue before re-applying the MakeAppTouchTestable command to your project:

    1. Login to your CloudTest or CloudTest Lite server instance
    2. Navigate to Central > Site Administration.

  1. Ensure that the Maximum Image Size drop-down is set to the 500k maximum a value (or at least a value that is higher than your image size). If you're not sure of the image size, examine its properties using Finder or Explorer.
  2. Click the Update button on the Site Administration form to complete the change.