Using an iOS Network Link Conditioner

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This article introduces the use of network link conditioner with touchtesting. This is easily done since any developer-enabled iOS device can utilize a network link conditioner to impose a network emulation profile onto that device. The steps in this article require that the user have an iOS Developer Account and that the device be running iOS 6.0 or later. Once the profile is enabled, the user may proceed to specify that device in any touchtest as would be the case without that profile.

Enable a Network Link Conditioner

In the steps below we'll demonstrate how to setup a network link conditioner on a device./p>

  1. To get started with Network Link Conditioner, first your device must be set up as a developer device.


Note: This can be done in Xcode via the Organizer (Shift-Command-2). Select your device in the Organizer, and click the Use for Development button to add the device to your developer account. Refer to the iOS Developer Library, Provisioning Your Devices for Development page for more information about device provisioning.

  1. Open Settings and tap the Developer node on your device.

  1. Locate the Network Link Conditioner section, and then tap Status to access the proflie page.
  2. Examine the available out-of-the-box profiles and determine whether any of them are suitable for use. If not, perform the next step.
  3. To create a new profile, tap Add a Profile and enter a name for the new profile.
  4. For a new emulation profile, enter the parameters to use. For example, in the shot below we specified 2 Kbps, 33% packet loss, and a 2000 ms (2 second) delay.

  1. Tap Save to complete the profile creation.

Note: Ensure that you disable Network Link Conditioner once you're done; there is no visual feedback to indicate that it's on.

  1. In the profile list, tap the profile to use from among those available (selection is indicated by a checkmark).
  2. Tap Enable to the On position.

Once you've setup and enabled your Network Link Conditioner, any mobile app tests sent to this device will be governed by those limitations, and can be analysed accordingly. Refer to Monitoring Mobile Devices to begin analyse test results with respect to the specified profile and to the same test on other devices.