Creating a New Browser Action Recording

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  1. You must use the Firefox Browser to create a test clip by recording browser actions.
  2. Download and install the Browser Recorder Extension.

Additional browser recording prerequisites for HTTPS sites:

    1. Tests created using HTTPS/SSL require that the website being tested has a valid SSL certificate. This means that:
      • The certificate has not expired.
      • The certificate is assigned to the host name that is being used when creating the recording. In other words, if the SSL certificate is issued to, the recording cannot be created using the IP address or an internal host name.

Self-signed certificates are supported, provided that these two requirements are met.

Creating Your Recording

  1. Select Central > Clips and then click New.

When you do so, the Clip Editor opens a new Untitled Test Clip in a new Clip Editor tab. The Record drop-down help text appears as shown.

  1. To begin recording, click the Record drop-down and choose the browser recording command: Record Browser.


Using Browser Recording

  1. Choose Record Browser (new window) and then enter the starting URL.
  2. Click Record to proceed with your recording in a new window.

When you do so, the target URL opens in a new Firefox window and the Record button turns red to indicate that recording is underway.

Note: If the URL entered is already in an underlying target, then that underlying target is used. Otherwise, a new WebUI target is created.

  1. Perform the planned browser actions in the new window. Actions are added to the Clip Editor as you go.

  1. Click the Record button a second time (in the original window Clip Editor tab) to stop recording.

    1. Click Save on the Clip Editor toolbar and use the Save Test Clip box to enter a name for it.

Refer to Editing a Browser Action for next steps in editing the actions in your clip.