Actionable intelligence with the Test Suite Dashboard

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The Test Suite Dashboard that allows you to to easily execute and analyze the results of tests.


Before, functional testers were encouraged to get their test results/reports from Jenkins (or other CI tools integrated with CloudTest and/or TouchTest) but there were some reporting challenges found in Jenkins CI. Now CloudTest and TouchTest functional testers can view the results in the new Test Suite Dashboard without the hassle of setting up reports in other CI tools. The ability to leverage Jenkins CI and other CI tools remains undiminished.


The new Test Suite dashboard allows the tester to easily browse through the history of a test suite and the test compositions in it, right down to the action level where validations pass/fail, and where regressions can be detected and fixed.


The Test Suite Dashboard presents functional data as a summary of the output from a test suite composition. The Dashboard is used to analyze the results of a functional test across many results, and in the TouchTest use case, mobile devices. The Test Suite Dashboard incorporates key metrics, and the results of a functional test, including Success Summary [the % and number of successful Compositions, Clips, Validations]; Details about the Compositions and its test results [pass/fail, time/date of last test run], and the ability to drill down into details.





To try this new Test Suite Dashboard, you can access it any one of the following ways:

• Opening a parent Composition in the Composition Editor, Results tab.

• Opening the result of a parent Composition from Central (in which case, the Test Suite Dashboard is shown by default)

• Opening the Build in Jenkins and viewing the test result of a parent CompositionT