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You can provide permissions to any object or folder.  Note: Currently you have to be the owner of the object for which you will be adding permissions.


For example, if I want to add permission to my folder "Mrunal " then following are the steps to be taken to apply permissions 


1. Select the folder Mrunal

2. Right click on folder and select the Permission option



3. Check Enable Access restrictions on the window that opens



4. By default I will have Read/Write/Use permission


5.If I want all the users in that particular tenant to only have Read permission to my folder then I would select and add tenant to my permission list (mobile tenant here).  For example, you have few important scripts in that particular folder and you do not want new users to modify it then you can grant only Read permission to all users in that tenant




6. Then if you want to allow few of your team members to modify your scripts then you can add the users from the drop down list.
For example, has been granted Read/Write/Use permission, he can modify the scripts if he wants to



7. You can add few others and grant them Read/Use permission but not write permission, in this case.