Password Complexity

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This feature allows you to set password rules, helping secure passwords by increasing their complexity. For mPulse and other SaaS customers, please contact SOASTA support to create or change password rules.


Users will encounter these password rules when creating/editing a user in the User Editor dialog box, changing their password in the Account section, or resetting their password using.


Note: Multi-tenant setups require applying the same settings to individual tenants.


Set Password Rules in Tenant Editor


To set password rules, navigate to the Central tab > Tenant, click on the appropriate tenant, and then open Tenant Editor. All fields in the Password Complexity Requirements section become editable once the checkbox is enabled.


    • Minimum number of characters in password: This number must be between 1 and 50
    • Require specific characters

      • Number
      • Lower-case letter
      • Upper-case letter
      • Special character
    • Expire passwords after [ x ] days: This number must be greater than 1.


TIP: If there are multiple tenants on the system, every tenant must be changed individually. Company settings only applies to a specific tenant, as it is not system-wide.

Timestamp in User Editor


The User Editor dialog box includes a timestamp indicating when a user last reset their password. This informs users how long before their password expires and enhances password security. 


Resetting a Password


Users can reset their password by navigating to the Central tab > Account page, and clicking Change Password. Alternatively, they may be forced to reset their password during the login process (if their password has expired).


Account Page


The Account page displays how many days until a user’s password expires (if applicable). In addition, a detailed error message describing password requirements will appear if a user’s  attempt to create a new password is unsuccessful.




Login Page


The Login page will prompt users to reset their password if it has expired. The new password must adhere to the password requirements and must be different from the old password.