Server Instances

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The Server Instances view provides a list of individual servers that were allocated from a compute cloud (e.g. Amazon EC2). You can use this list to:

  • Review your current cloud usage.
  • Shut down individual servers that are no longer needed.
  • Reboot (or quickly replace) servers that are not functioning correctly.
  • Launch new servers if you do not need the full feature set of a Grid.

Launch New Server

To create server instances, select Central list > Server Instances, and then click New.

The New Server Instances dialog box appears.

  • Select a Server Class from the configured server classes in the drop-down. See Server Classes.
  • Select a Location from the configured locations in the drop-down. See Using Locations.
  • Select a zone. Currently, the zone is Any Zone.
  • Enter the number of server instances to create.

Click OK once the settings are complete. The Server Instances are started with the specified parameters.

Terminate, Reboot, and Replace Server Instances

You can terminate (shut down), reboot, and replace server instances by one of two methods.

You can select Central list > Server Instances and then select the instance from the list that you want to perform an action on.

Once the server instance is selected, right-click to access the context menu and perform the desired action.

Alternately, select a server instance in the list and double-click to open its Properties in the sub-pane below. You can use the Properties tab > Shut down instance button to terminate the selected server instance(s).


From the sub-pane, you can also click the Check Server(s) tab, select one or more server instances in the list, and then access the context menu by right-clicking a server instance in the sub-pane list.

When you apply an action to selected server(s), a prompt appears to confirm the action before it is completed.


Orphaned Servers

The Orphaned Servers tab appears in the sub-pane for Servers and Server Instances.

The Orphaned Servers tab allows you to manage servers that, for any reason, CloudTest is no longer aware of. For example, when working with Amazon EC2, the Orphaned Servers list may include servers that were not launched by SOASTA CloudTest at all. You can right-click any server in this list to terminate it.