Cloud Provider Account Support for Amazon EC2

Document created by Chris Sommerstad Employee on Jul 20, 2017
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Setup a Cloud Provider Account for Amazon EC2

In CloudTest Pro/Enterprise, an additional Cloud Provider Accounts node appears at Central > Cloud. Users with Cloud Provider Accounts can use this node to configure those accounts for use in testing for use with CloudTest Pro. 

When Central > Cloud > Cloud Provider Accounts is selected, the Cloud Provider Accounts list shows all currently configured cloud provider accounts.

The following instructions presume a valid cloud provider account. Refer to the instructions provided by the cloud vendor to obtain such an account. Once valid credentials exist create a corresponding cloud provider account in Central using the instructions below.

  1. To create a new Cloud Provider Account, click New while Cloud Provider Accounts is selected in Central.
  2. The New Cloud Provider Account dialog box appears.

  1. Provide a Cloud Provider Account Name (this will appear in the Cloud Provider Accounts list in Central), as well as the necessary account configuration fields for the given cloud provider (shown in the following sections).
  2. Specify the type and then specify the account configuration details. For EC2, the following details must be provided:
  • Key / I.D. – Enter a valid cloud provider key or I.D.
  • Secret Key – Enter the secret key for the account
  • Confirm Secret Key – Re-enter the secret key for the account

Access Control Configuration

Once the account is configured (for any cloud provider), add users and/or tenants via the Security section of the Cloud Provider Account dialog box.

    • Security

Configure permissions per User / Tenant. Each user (per tenant) can have Read, Write, and Propagate access control permissions.

    • Read

The user/tenant can view the Cloud Provider Account but not edit or execute tests.

    • Write

The user/tenant can view and edit the Cloud Provider Account.

    • Use

The user/tenant can view, edit, and use the Cloud Provider Account to launch Grids and Results Databases.

    • Add

Click Add to include users or tenants in the Security list and then configure permissions per user or tenant.

Note: Once configured, the Cloud Provider Account name is specified prior to runtime via the Grid Manager > Server Instances page.

If the wrong credentials are used here deployments in the Grid Manager that use this cloud provider account will fail.