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A script specifies a set of actions to be taken at a specific point in the execution of a Test Composition (via the test clip in which the script has been placed). SOASTA CloudTest Scripts are written in JavaScript.

For example, a script that modifies the input data for a message based upon a set of status codes from the previous message response.

Use Central > Scripts to view a list of scripts already in the system and to create new scripts using the New icon on the toolbar.

The Script Editor provides an interface typical of many color-coded programming environments.

Scripts, like messages, checkpoints, browser actions, and delays, are test clip components and can be added to test clips like any other component. To view scripts to add in the Test Clip Editor, click the Scripts tab when Clip Builder is the active view.

Use double-click or drag-and-drop to add the selection to the open test clip.

Revising a Script in the Clip Editor

Once a script is placed in a test clip—it can also be opened and revised within the Clip Editor lower panel.

  1. To do so, select a script in the Clip Editor and double-click to open it.

The script opens in the Selected: <ScriptName> tab in the lower panel with the General tab in display. Use this tab to set whether errors should fail the clip or be recorded only. Click the Editor tab to view and edit the script code.