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A property is any attribute of a given object in CloudTest. SOASTA CloudTest provides three property sets for use in tests: Custom, System, and Global. Custom properties can be defined at every level of the CloudTest object model from compositions down to messages or actions, and can be defined in one component and then applied in other components within that scope. Property overrides can be applied to any custom or system property.

You can view existing properties and apply them to the current context using the sub-pane Properties button in each of the SOASTA CloudTest editors: Composition Editor, Test Clip Editor, and Target Editor.
Global properties can be defined using the Central > Global Property lists.

Custom properties can be defined within any of the above editors for use by any other component within the scope of that component. Values can be extracted, stored, and reused as specified. For example, for a service that has a login operation, you can open a message invoking that operation in the Test Clip Editor, play the message, and then capture the response sessionID for use in a custom property that you will invoke for all the subsequent messages. Custom properties can be sent to analytics using the Save value in analytics checkbox.

Create a Global Property?

The Global Property Lists store user created attribute value pairs that can be used as global variables in Targets and Test Clips. Global properties are bounded by the Test Composition, in which those targets and test clips are included.
Use the following steps to add a pre-defined global property list for use within your Test Composition(s).

  1. In the Central list, click Global Property Lists.

  1. Click New on the toolbar.

  1. The Global Property list box appears for you to define this property list. Give the list a name.

  1. Give the first global property a name, select a DataType for it from among the selections shown, and then define a value for the property.
  2. Give the property a name. For example, SampleLocator.

    Optionally, capture a pre-defined Property from a message or browser action for use in other messages within this clip (System Property), to apply or define a property for this clip and its elements (Browser Action Properties, Clip Properties) or one that has been defined in its target (Target Properties). The Property Chooser also exposes properties for the entire Test Composition (Global Properties).
  3. Click New Property to add another property to this list.

  1. Click Save when you are done with your edits.

Further steps

For instructions to set test composition properties, refer to Test Clip/Target-level System/Custom Properties and to set composition custom properties, refer to Composition Custom Properties