Creating Pages Manually

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In addition to the automatic steps described in Automatically Creating Pages, pages can be created manually in the Clip Editor by selecting the top level HTML document, its resources, and then using the “Create a Page” right click menu option.

  • To do so, select a main page (indicated by an HTML document), and then select the subsequent related resources to that page.

In the screenshot on the right, the resources from the HTML document (green Content-Type) are presumed to be from the same page. Once created, the page takes up the row it occupies. The next row in the example below begins with an HTML document.

Some restrictions occur when creating pages manually; however, CloudTest gracefully handles these by posting status to the top-right corner. For example, if a Delay is included in a selection and Create Page is chosen, the Delay is omitted (and deleted from the test clip) and the following status appears.

Page Restrictions

The first “segment” of a Page can contain a single message, surrounded by any number of scripts and delays. The second “segment” can contain messages only.


Overriding Page Resource Retrieval

The Page resources within a test clip are set by default to retrieve all the resources in that clip. Page resources can be overridden for the entire test clip at once via Clip Editor, Properties tab.

  1. In the Clip Editor, select the Properties tab in the lower panel.
  2. Click the Page Resource Settings item in the Property Type list on the left.

  1. Click the Page Resource Loading drop-down. By default, this field is set to Use Individual Page Settings, which respects all the settings for resource retrieval set in the page(s).
    • To enable all pages in the clip, select Override to enabled.
    • To disable all pages in the clip, select Override to disabled.
  2. Save the clip after making any changes.