Sorting Widget Data

Document created by Chris Sommerstad Employee on Jul 21, 2017
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Changing Sort Order in Selected Analysis Widgets

For Analysis widgets in the Basic widget category, information can be sorted within a given container either alphabetically or by the Order in containing object (e.g. the order of occurrence in the given parent container).

  1. Click Toggle Dashboard Edit Mode on the dashboard toolbar to enter edit mode.
  2. Select an analysis widget in the given dashboard.
  3. In the Edit Panel below, select the widget by its name under Contained Widget(s).

The Sort by drop down appears on the right. The Order in containing object sort is the default for Composition Analysis, Clip Element Analysis, and Collection Analysis. The URL Analysis, Error Analysis, and Clip Analysis widgets support only alphabetic sorting.

For example, the pages below are displayed alphabetically within the parent test clip.

Showing Failed Clips and Collections in Charts

CloudTest omits stopped and failed clips from test results as a default. However, stopped or failed clips, as well as stopped or failed collections, can be turned on for the following Basic charts.

  • Clip Analysis
  • Collection Analysis
  • Composition Analysis

For example, when the Collections Analysis widget is selected in the Contained Widget(s) list, additional checkboxes to include Stopped Collections and Failed Collections appear (unchecked, according to the default). Check either or both of these options to include stopped or failed clips or collections (the given options vary as to whether the chart shows clips or collections).

Sorting in Aggregate Widgets

Aggregate widgets (Clip Analysis, Clip Element Analysis Composition Analysis, Error Analysis, and Collection Analysis) now include the ability to sort by order (within the containing object) as well as alphabetically). 
To sort an aggregate widget:

  1. Open the dashboard that contains the widget, or, add one of the aggregate widgets to a dashboard.
  2. Select the widget to sort by properties. Note the default sorting order for the given widget.
  3. Click Toggle Dashboard Edit Mode on the dashboard toolbar.
  4. Click the widget name in the list on the left.
  5. Click the Sort-by drop down to make a selection.

  • Order in containing object (default)

This option sorts an aggregate widget by the CloudTest Object model (e.g. Composition > Band > Track > Clip, etc.)

  • Alphabetically

This option sorts an aggregate widget by its initial letter, excluding the top-level composition object.

Additional Settings for Top N Widgets

Top N widgets include additional settings by which the Top or Bottom events in the available range of the given result selection can be displayed. Making such a change also changes the widget title.

  1. To apply top or bottom settings, first invoke Toggle Dashboard Edit Mode in a dashboard containing a Top N widget.

The Edit Panel appears below.

  1. Select the Settings node in the list (under the name of the Top N widget).

  1. Select either the Top or Bottom radio button and then select an integer to limit the field. For example, to display the Bottom 5 messages by bytes sent.
  1. Click Apply. When you do so, the settings are applied to the widget. Optionally, select the Widget node and revise the Title field to match your selection.