Creating a New Monitor

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Use the following steps to create a Monitor:

  1. In the Central list > Server Resources section, select Monitors.

  1. Click the New Monitor icon.


  1. The Monitoring Server or Monitor wizard appears. Select Monitor and click Next.

  1. Enter a name for the new monitor, a brief description, and check the box for the Monitor Server Group(s) upon which to base this monitor and then click Next.

    1. For each type of server that the selected Monitoring Server(s) offer for monitoring, the remaining wizard screens will allow you to select corresponding resources. 

For example, we’ve selected a Monitoring Server which has been configured for System Resource (hardware) and for Database Resource monitoring.  These were configured while creating the Monitoring Server Group.

Note:  Since your monitor server may offer more than the System Resources shown above you may encounter additional options (and their accompnying screens). Possible wizard screens include: Application Servers, Network Devices, Databases, and Cold Fusion.

For instructions on how to create a Monitoring Server see Creating Monitor Server Groups.

  1. Click Next. In the example scenario indicated in Step 5, the Database Resource Selection wizard appears.

  1. For each server type, select the desired resources that you would like to monitor and provide additional information, such as sample rate, as required. 
  1. Click Next to display the Finish step and a summary of resources to be monitored. Review the summary. If any of the data looks incorrect, press the Back button to make the necessary corrections. Click Finish to create the Monitor.

    Your new Monitor is now created and ready for use.