Checking Monitor Service Status

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Checking the status of the Monitor Service requires the SCommand utility. Refer to "How do I start a Composition playing from the Operating System Command line or from an OS script or ....

Checking the status

  1. To check the status of the Monitor Service from the command line, use the status command with the parameter service=monitor. For example:

scommand cmd=status url=http://myserver/concerto username=bob password=secret service=monitor

SCommand will output the list of currently running Monitors. For example:

Monitor status:
=============== Running monitors:
Instance ID: 7781-c1ea3960c1ee041b:5e03cfcf:11929ca1f8e:-7ff4, monitor: /Monitoring Linux, step 2, started at: 4/7/08 11:34 AM
Instance ID: 7781-c1ea3960c1ee041b:5e03cfcf:11929ca1f8e:-7ff3, monitor: /Monitoring JBoss, step 2, started at: 4/7/08 11:40 AM

The instance IDs can be used to stop a Monitor from the command line (Refer to Starting and stopping a Monitor from the command line).

Alternatively, the output can be formatted as XML, using the format=xml parameter.

Finally, the output can be written to a file, using the file=[name] parameter (e.g. file=status.txt).