Setting Properties

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SOASTA CloudTest provides full access to properties for your tests. Properties can be set in the application or programmatically using scripts.

SOASTA CloudTest includes three property sets:

Both Custom Properties and System Properties objects are presented as convenience objects that can be thought of as backdoors that allow access to portions of the object model more easily.



The Global Properties object ($globalprop) does not represent a portion of the Test Composition object model since the properties it contains are beyond the composition scope. For example:


$globalprop.setUsingPath("Test property 1", "Initial value of Default global property \"Test property 1\"");




$globalprop.set(null, "Test property 2", "Initial value of Default global property \"Test property 2\"")

Query a Property

Getting the value of an existing Custom Property, or of Global or System Property involves a simple request. For example:

$prop.value("MessageClip", "CustomProperty1"); 




$globalprop.value("Property List 023", "Test counter 1");




$sysprop.value("Destination", "Band 1/Track 1/Clip 021/Message 2/URL")


Set a Custom Property

Setting a custom property (named ClipSessionId) is a simple one line of code using the $prop variable and the set() method.

$prop.set("MessageClip", "ClipSessionId", "new value");

Set a Global Property from a Clip Property

The following code takes the contents of a Test Clip custom property, such as scriptSessionID (see Extract a SessionID), and places it into a global property. 
For this script to work, you must first:

  • Create a Global Property List called ScriptGuide (using Central > Global Property Lists)
  • Create a Global property in that list called GlobalSessionID
  • Create the Custom Property scriptSessionId within the given clip (clip properties are defined in the lower sub-panel of the Test Clip Editor).


  1. The first line sets a variable, clipPropValue, to the value of the custom property scriptSessionID, from within the current clip.


var clipPropValue = $prop.value("MessageClip", "scriptSessionId");

The second line sets the global property, GlobalSessionId, in the global property list named ScriptGuide, to the value retrieved in the first line.