mPulse API Login Changes

Document created by Lauren Younger Employee on Jul 24, 2017
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What's Changing?

As of 8/4/2017 username and password logins to the mPulse APIs will no longer be available. Customers should immediately change API calls to use API tokens for accessing all mPulse APIs. 


How do I get an API token?

  1. Log into
  2. Go to My Settings on the leftmost panel.
  3. Click "Generate" in the API Token area.
  4. Hit Apply.


User administrators can also add API tokens to other accounts by opening the user editor.

I have an API token, now how do I use it?

Full documentation is here but the basic idea is that wherever you were using a username and password before, like

curl --request PUT 
"" --data-binary \ '{ "userName": "", "password": "secret!" }'

You will now use a token, like

curl --request PUT 
"https://[host]/concerto/services/rest/RepositoryService/v1/Tokens" --data-binary \ '{ "apiToken": "abc123" }'

That's it!