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With the move to Akamai Luna SSO, all user creation is now done in Luna. Editing App Admin or Tenant access is still done within mPulse.  If you are not a User Admin in Luna, please contact your organizations Akamai Admin or  to get the correct privileges for your account.


Once you are a User Admin in Luna, here is how you Create a new user.


  • Login to Luna portal at Luna Control Center. Click on the Configure Mega Menu at the top of the screen.


  • From the list of options under the Organization category select Manage Users and Groups


  • For user creation and management of users; we use the user and roles tab.


  • Click on Create a New User – enter the user’s first / last name, email address and telephone number

  • To grant the users permission, In the section that has the Group – Roles, click on the cog wheel and select role.



  • For normal users who do not need to add other mPulse users in Luna, please create a custom role called “Viewer with support tickets” and in the description for future reference, add a note to state this is for mPulse / CloudTest users.


  • To create the custom role, from the manage users and groups section itself click on the roles tab.


  • Now, as per the screenshot below – select “Clone role” and select viewer from the list




  • Please scroll down to the “Uncategorized” list of permissions and check the permission – Tickets – View / File with Akamai Customer Care


  • For users who do need to add users to mPulse in Luna, choose the Admin role



Q & A

My login is associated to the incorrect tenant or inactive tenant as the default, how do I fix it?   

mPulse does not allow us to change the default tenant from the UI. The only solution to fixing it is to delete and re-add the user.  First, check if the user has any objects created that are associated to the default tenant, if not the user can be deleted and re-added. If the user does have objects created, the user will need to delete those objects for us to delete the user.  If appropriate, the user can also be given access to another tenant, but the default cannot change for that username.


I am trying to create a user but I get the error “User creation is disabled because this tenant is subscribed to single sign-on. Users are created automatically upon login from your single sign-on provider.”

 All user creation has moved to Luna. Please follow the steps mentioned in the steps above to create new users.  


How do I manage existing users on Luna with custom roles to get access to mPulse?

 For existing users with custom role access, please ensure the from the list of permissions in the custom role; that you also have a permission called “mPulse application” has been checked as well.


For the default roles on Luna such as publisher or editor, the user should have access to mPulse since the permission is checked by default.


How do I delete a user on Luna?

 A user can be deleted on Luna by following the below steps:


  1. Go to configure – manager users and groups
  2. Find the user from the list of all users in your account
  3. Click on the cog wheel to the right side of the user details and click on “Delete”


What can I do if a user was accidently deleted?

 The user can be re-created on Luna again.


What do I need to do if a user needs to access mPulse on a different account? This is common for partners who manage their indirect accounts on Luna.

Please reach out to the aligned Client Services Manager for your account to create an over-ride access request with the portal engineering team to grant the user access.

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