Qualified Encoders (MSL 3.2 & MSL 4.x)

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The following table shows the latest encoder version tested against Akamai MSL 3.2 and MSL 4.x network.

For previous encoder versions that have been tested, please reach out to your Akamai representative or account manager to verify whether your specific encoder version has been tested.



Qualification Request Process

To submit your encoder for qualification testing, a direct email should be sent to encoder_qual_requests@akamai.com by the encoder vendor with the following information.

  • Vendor Name:
  • Model Name:
  • Software Version:
  • Streaming Protocol to be tested. (ie. RTMP, HLS, HDS, Dash, CMAF or Smooth)
  • Akamai Representative or Account Manager

A case number will then be supplied after submission, please include in subject line on all relative communication.


Partner Encoders

   MSL 3.xMSL 4.xHTTPsMSL 3.xMSL 4.xHTTPsMSL 3.xMSL 4.xHTTPsMSL 4.x 
ElementalElemental Live2.
EnvivioHalo5. Yes5.01 Yes5.00
EnvivioMuse Live5.
Haivision LogoKB5.05.05.0Yes5.
Haivision LogoMakito X1.5.2RTMP Only
HarmonicProMedia Live1.  1.6.5
HarmonicElectra-VS5.05.0  5.0   5.0
Imagine CommunicationStream LE3.  3.8.0
iStreamPlanetAventus7.17.17.1Yes  7.17.1Yes
MediaExcelHero3.423.423.42.295.166  3.42
Real NetworkHelix3.423.42  3.42
WowzaWowza Streaming Engine4.74.74.7Yes4.74.7Yes4.74.7Yes


Qualified Encoders

CompanyEncoderRTMP IngestHLSDASHHDSHLS/ CMAFDASH/ CMAFSmooth IngestNotes
AdobePrime Live PackagerNS1.3.2  NS  NS  NS 
AneviaViaMotion PlusNS3.5.4  NS  NS  3.5.4 
AnvatoLive2.12.1  NS  NS  NS 
KeepixoGenova & ALXXXX4.64.6 4.6 4.6 4.6 NS  
AtemeTitan3.04.1 4.1 4.1 4.1 NS  3.0
ATXVersAtivePro0.21NS  NS  NS  NS 
BoingoMicrocloudN/A2.1  NS  NS  NS 
Capella SystemsCapella Live3.2NS  NS  NS  NS 

C21 Live Encoder

4.44.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 2.2  NS 
CiscoAnyRes9.  NS  9.5.1  9.5.1 
DEVO3.33.3        EXT-X-ENDLIST not supported.
EasyLiveEasyLive0.2NS  NS  NS  NSSBR Only


Pearl-24.3.0NS  NS  NS  NS
EvertzEvertz1.0NS  NS  NS  NS 
G&LCustom1.2NS  NS  NS  NS 
IgolgiBEONSNS  NS  NS  2.1 
LiveUSolo5.3NS  NS  NS  NSSBR Only 
NeulionMC2.02.6 2.6 NS2.0 2.0 NSNS  NS 
OrbanOpticodec-PC1010NS  NS  NS  NSAudio Only
Polycom 1.0NS  NS  NS  NS 
Prixmio 0.5NS  NS  NS  NS 
River SilicaPIXFIX2.1.0NS  NS  NS  NS 
SportradarSportradar Encoder2.0NSNSNS
StreamSHLSdirectNSNS1.4.4.109NSNSNSAudio only.
TelestreamLightspeedLiveStream1.21.2 1.2 Yes1.21.2  YesNS  NS 


TelosProSTREAM x.21.03NS  NS  NS  NSAudio Only
TelosProSTREAM2.6.3betaNS  NS  NS  NSAudio Only
TelosOmnia A.XE1.73NS  NS  NS  NSAudio Only
TeradekTeradek7.3.3NS  NS  NS  NS 
TeracueENC-400 Series2.00_w200


  NS  NS  NSSBR Only
TFI Digital Media LimitedHERMES Live EncoderNot supported2.2.14  NS  NS  NS 
Thomson Video NetworksViBE VS70004.5x.xx4.5x.xx  NS  4.5x.xx  4.5x.xx 
VbrickVbrick70003.1.0NS  NS  NS  NSSBR Only
VBrickVBrick90004.3.0NS  NS  NS  NSSBR Only
VITECMGW Encoder1.0NS  NS  NS  NS 
VizrtCoder1.1NS  NS  NS  NS 


Note: HDS and DASH live streams published from non-qualified encoders will be rejected.


Reference Documentation


For detailed information on qualification process, refer to the following documents on Luna Control Center:  

Media Services Live 4.x: Encoder Compatibility Testing and Qualification Guide

Media Services Live 3.x: Encoder Compatibility Testing and Qualification Guide


For detailed information on how to set up your encoder, refer to the following documents on Luna Control Center:

Media Services Live: Stream Packaging (RTMP Ingest/ HDS & HLS Outputs) User Guide.

Media Services Live: HLS, HDS, and DASH Ingest User Guide.

Media Services Live: Smooth Ingest (Microsoft Silverlight) User Guide.

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