CloudTest 58 Updates

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CloudTest 58.13 (build 9569.692)

Bugs Fixed

  • 124970: Stop creating annotations if maestro stopped sending data

CloudTest 58.12 (build 9569.677)

Bugs Fixed

  • 124779: Azure reauthorization causes SP dialog popup
  • SOADEVESC-210/195: sCommand play error when thresholds specified
  • SOADEVESC-191: CloudTest grid servers are not using correct AWS server types when using spot instances
  • SOADEVESC-180: Result writing failure while running a composition with burst

CloudTest 58.11 (build 9569.656)

Bug Fixes

  • 124519: Fix Date Filter arguments for Summary Results query API


CloudTest 58.10 (build 9569.647)


  • Added support for additional Microsoft Azure regions, including: US West Central, UK West/South, Korea Central/South, India Central/West/South, Australia East/Southeast
  • Added support for AWS EC2 r4 family for Results Database servers deployed into a VPC
  • Added support for AWS EC2 High Memory Sixteen XL server class for result database servers
  • Added support for all currently available Google Compute Engine regions

Bug Fixes

  • 124444: Fix null pointer with Multi-Result Average Response Time by Virtual Users per Composition chart
  • 124086: Fix a null pointer exception when shutting down Azure grid
  • 121576: Remove incorrect errors after composition completes (i.e, Unable to ping …)

CloudTest 58.09 (build 9569.601)


  • Add support for Azure service principal (105951)

Bug Fixes

  • 123903: Allow optional tags for EC2 servers
  • 124003: Allow certain SSL socket connections


CloudTest 58.08 (build 9569.582)


  • Compare To: Widget menus include a "Compare to" option to allow widget comparison by composition, result, or date/time.
  • Date/Time Slider: Added a Slider Bar to filter by relative time in the date/time filter.


  • Conductor now supports Mac OS High Sierra
  • Show the progress of loading seed data in the Status Log pop-up (121632)

Bug Fixes

  • SOADEVESC-82: Added logging for diagnostic purposes
  • SOADEVESC-149: Update certificate for Conductor recording
  • Case 123495: Baseline Comparison has incorrect values when percentiles are added
  • Case 118758: General section in library view does not update when navigating via arrow keys
  • Fix error that occurs after server property change


CloudTest 58.07 (build 9569.528)

Bug Fixes

  • SOADEVESC-28: Security group field in grid deployment doesn’t support security group name
  • SOADEVESC-99 (FB119911): sCommand error when using "status" command while a test is running
  • 117172: Date time picker - UI should block choosing a future date
  • 116094: Exception when dragging an EventGroup into Message Clip Editor


CloudTest 58.06 (build 9569.472)

Bug Fixes

  • 116895 Improved date time picker positioning
  • 119878 Localization: date/time picker and styling
  • 119945 Localization: Date/Time picker for static time window is cropped
  • 120769 Date/time picker issues in 30 minute offset time zones
  • 121300 CompareTo operator change is not applied
  • 122528 Incorrect VPC settings block CloudTest grids deploying Classic AWS servers
  • 122727 Add socket timeout to grid status SOAP calls
  • 122851 Percentile chart gives error when using split-by

CloudTest 58.05 (build 9569.456)


  • Option to set grid default to use Spot instances (104318)
  • REST API for RSDB (122558)

Bug Fixes

  • 118171 - Inline Script Editor scrolls with every keystroke
  • 122341 - Add json-smart.jar to Scommand
  • 117490 - Conductor error: key undefined
  • 120852 - Recording extension creates a corrupt clip when recording websockets


CloudTest 58.04 (9569.393)

Bug Fixes

  • SOADEVESC-22: fix for Conductor on iOS 10.3+

CloudTest 58.03 (9569.371)

Bug Fixes

  • SOADEVESC-56 - CT API calls fail
  • Date/Time picker: selecting an end date modified the start date
  • 121167 - Consolidator NPE during shutdown of a test
  • 119908 - Case insensitive Target Editor Location


CloudTest 58.02 (9569.331)

Bug Fixes

  • 120851 - Missing sub-clips in large test
  • 117587 - Unable to view thread messages in the comp using JMeter script
  • 120141 - Security enhancements
  • 120430 - Custom annotations are hidden behind system annotation