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Did you ever wonder how to setup Vanity Domains in LUNA?

Blog Post created by Gunther Kochmann Employee on Apr 24, 2015

Recently a customer has asked me for hints on how he could setup vanity domains that would redirect users to particular locations on his main website. To me this seemed rather straight forward, but on the other hand it depends a bit on the level of experience you have got with Akamai and Property Manager.


While this customer seems to be happy now, I thought this might interest other people as well. Hence I will give it a try and summarize the steps:


  • Think about the vanity hostnames that you are trying to setup, along with the location where you would like to send these visitors of your site:

e.g. ->

of course this domain '' must be registered to you / you should be able to change DNS settings for the domain

  • Request a new CP code for the purpose of vanity domains/redirects with your Client Services Manager or via LUNA Business Ticket
  • Next you logon to LUNA Control Center - pick the right contract/Control Group in case you own multiple in your account - and add a New Property:


  • Then select the product you would like you for that / the typical product on your contract, e.g. Site Accelerator, Web Application Accelerator, Ion, ... pick a meaningful name and then click Create Property:


  • Click Add Hostname under Property Hostnames:


  • Following our example above fill in '' (here your first vanity domain shall go of course) as HOSTNAME and then click the pencil in the same line pencil.JPG
  • Next click Create New Edge Hostname:


  • Then pick a reasonable Edge Hostname as THE vanity Edge Hostname for all your future vanity hostnames & hit Done:


  • For all other vanity hostnames please pick the same Edge hostname as created here from the list
  • Now go down to the section Property Configuration Settings -> Default Rule
  • Delete all behaviors under Default Rule apart from 'Origin Server' and 'Content Provider Code'


  • Fill in an origin server name (may as well be a fake hostname), e.g. and the CP code that you have requested for the purpose of vanity redirects
  • Now remove all other rules underneath your Property Manager Default Rule, e.g. in this example:


  • Do this for all rules as follows: click on the rule name, then click on the small gear icon, then select Delete:


  • Now you should only have the Default rule left
  • Next click Add Rule:


  • Select section 'Redirect' and then pick 'Redirect Vanity Hostnames' and insert rule:


  • Rename the rule to something reasonable like 'vanity redirect for' by clicking the gear icon next to the rule name:


  • Under Criteria pick the vanity hostname - in our example - from the drop-down list
  • Under Behaviour fill the field 'Static Hostname' with '' (according to our example above) and select the option 'Static Path' for 'Destination Path'
  • Now fill in '/promotion_for_me' in the newly appeared field 'Static Path'
  • Hit the Save button at the bottom right of the Property Manager:


  • Add such a rule for each and every of your vanity domains accordingly, save changes and put a comment in Version Notes
  • Now activate the configuration by clicking the 'Activate' button:


  • Then hit 'Activate on Staging', wait for deployment to finish, test by spoofing to the Akamai Staging platform
  • On successful testing hit 'Activate on Production' and wait for deployment to complete
  • Test again by spoofing, but this time spoof to a production server (ask your Akamai team if you need help with testing and spoofing and turn to the Akamai Community)
  • If all went fine request DNS to be changed as follows - according to our example above:


     600     IN     CNAME


Once DNS changes have been deployed you're live with your new vanity redirect(s)!


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