How to Configure/Modify Luna User session Timeouts

Blog Post created by B-3-U6TML3 Employee on Mar 17, 2015

The amount of time a Luna User can remain in a session, without any activity is 4 hours by default. After this period he will be required to login again.

This timeout value can be reconfigured by an Admin User either at an account-level or for Individual users using the Luna Control Center.

To change these values,  go to Configure > Organization > Manage Users & Groups. To change it at the account level, click on the pen icon next to the top-level group, then pick a new timeout value.To change it at the user level, click on a user and then pick a new timeout value.

The value can be set to preset durations from 15 minutes to 7 days.  We don’t let allow completely disabling the timeout for security reasons.

Note: If there is any activity before the last ten minutes of the Session Expiration, the session will be extended by3600 seconds (1hr).