Wilson Liu

Why some of my Offload Report doesn't look right?

Blog Post created by Wilson Liu Employee on Aug 8, 2016

The Offload Reports shown in Luna Control Portal are designed to show traffic segments of the below 2 basic types:

  • Edge Hits: Client Requests from Browsers (or any client devices) to Akamai Edge Servers
  • Origin Hits: Forward Requests from Akamai Network to Upstream Origin Servers

In most scenarios this is a perfect reflection of how much traffics is being offloaded from customer origin servers.  However there are some situations where this Offload Report for a particular CPCode doesn't match what customers think it is reporting.   This typically happens when the Akamai configuration is customized and complex, while the technical concept of 'offload' differs from its business sense.



The below chart is a typical 'simple' configuration where Edge Traffic and Origin Traffic can be easily reported without any ambiguity.



However, the below example shows a use case that the reported offload differs from the concept of 'how much bandwidth can be saved for my datacenter', because Akamai offload calculation takes all Origin traffics including those to and from Akamai NetStorage (which can also host customer contents) into consideration:




Another example is when complex traffic mapping is involved and multiple CPCodes are allocated for more granular traffic segment reporting purposes, as shown in below Shopper Prioritization configuration where:

  • Edge Traffic = ++
  • Origin Traffic = ④+⑤+⑥+





There are even more complex situations where ESI (Edge Side Include) and 2-Tree Configurations are used, where Akamai delivery settings are daisy-chained    therefore the 'origin traffic' of one configuration becomes 'edge traffic' of another related configuration for the same customer application.  Akamai Offload Report shown in Luna Control Portal is not designed to work under such advanced situations and customer needs to consult Akamai professional service assistance to see whether a meaningful offload report can be generated and shown in Luna Control Portal.   In some extreme cases such an offload report is not even possible.