Olivier Dutilleul

Variable Support available in Property Manager !

Blog Post created by Olivier Dutilleul Employee on Aug 26, 2016

The loong awaited feature finally arrived in PM : variable support !!!

Here's a glance of what's possible from my first tests...


Initialize variable

This is made mandatory in fact, a kind of declaration of all the variables you want to use.

They will be prefixed with "PMUSER_", and you can set a default value, and a visibility.

The good thing with this declaration is that it enables further use based on selection in dropdown lists (so you don't have to type)


Set a variable value

You can set a variable with a plain value ("Expression"), and optionally apply transformation Operation (base64, encode, substring, ...)

You can also automatically extract value ("Extract"), either from cookie, header, edgescape... In each case, you can then detail further where you want to extract from (in case of edgescape, which field... in case of cookie, the name of cookie, etc...)

Finally, you can also generate a randome value ("Generate")


Below an example with Country code


Condition on Variable

Simple, you can replace your advanced matches with conditions on variables


Use the variable value in a behavior

There are a lot of behaviors who have variable support, which means you can reference a variable with the following syntax:  {{space.name}}

space will be "user" for your own variables, and "builtin" for system variables (such as AK_PATH --> {{builtin.AK_PATH}} )

When you want to use a variable, just start typing "{{", and you will get a drop-down list allowing you to select the right variable without having to type...




This looks very promising, another clear leap forward in making Akamai (and Property Manager) fully self-serviceable. Many thanks to LUNA team !!