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Trying to set up Image Manager but I cannot select a Contract/Policy! Help!

Blog Post created by Mike Elissen Employee on Sep 13, 2017

Trying to set up Image Manager but I cannot select a Contract/Policy! Help!

Recently came across this issue during a Proof of Concept for Image Manager. The customer was trying to self-integrate Image Manager. They created an Ion configuration and wanted to set-up Image Manager. Naturally they went for Configure > Image Manager > Policy Manager, only to find out everything was empty....



In order to fix this, it is important to know that Image Manager behaviors must first be added to the Ion (or any other delivery product) configuration. You can do this as followed.


  1. Create a new version of your delivery configuration
  2. Click on Add Rule


3. Look for the pre-define Image Manager Rule and add this to your config


4. Make sure the setting are correct regarding filetypes, IM settings and add your CP Codes. You will need a CP Code for the original (pristine) images and one CP Code for the optimized images (derivatives)


5. This will create an API-key which is required before you can edit the policy. Save the config and deploy it once to Staging.


6. Now you can go to Configure > Image Manager > Policy Manager and start tinkering around with IM policy. There will be a default policy and you can create your own custom policies if you require an specific workflow situations like cropping, rotating, watermarking etc.


And there you go! Problem solved! Image Manager can be up and running in less than an hour! 


Pro tip: Use the Google Chrome Piez plug-in to verify the byte savings once Image Manager is running. I have seen 8MB images be optimized down to 400kb!


If there are any Image Manager questions, feel free to ask them in this thread or on the Community in the Image Manager section!