Mike Elissen

See Media Services Live and low-latency streaming in action!

Blog Post created by Mike Elissen Employee on Sep 19, 2017

During IBC 2017, one of the largest broadcasting conferences worldwide, Akamai showcased the new developments in regards to Media Delivery. One of the core products we were showcasing was low-latency streaming made possible with Media Services Live 4.



What you can see at this booth are three screens.

  • The screen of the left showcases the Media Services Live 4 ingested stream and delivery by Akamai with Adaptive Media Delivery including the encoding time.
  • The screen on the right is was a terrestrial broadcast of the same channel.
  • The Mac screen showcased the current time.


With this demo we showcased that streaming with Akamai has a similar latency as broadcasting and in total there was a 6-7 seconds hand-waving latency. (Low Latency is under 10 seconds latency streaming)


Attached is the short 10 second video that showcases the actual latency.


For more questions about Media Services Live 4 or Media Streaming in general, feel free to let me know below.