Mike Elissen

Save time! Save rules as a Rule Template!

Blog Post created by Mike Elissen Employee on Sep 22, 2017

A great but underused feature in LUNA is to save a rule (or a group of rules) as Rule Template! This is very helpful if you want to copy and paste similar behavior into other configurations (as long as it is in the same account).


In order to utilize this, you can follow the next steps.


1. Login to LUNA and create a new version of your delivery configuration

2. Highlight the rule (or group of rules) you want to save as a user template and click on the gearbox.



3. Enter all relevant data in the pop-up and click Save.


4. Now you can add this by clicking on Add Rule. Now click on the pulldown and select User Templates.



5. In here you can find all the user templates. You can now select the right one and add it in your configuration without having to manually recreate the rules! These User Templates are shared across account so you can use it in multiple configurations!