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How to apply mPulse for multiple domains? Best practices for "session tracking across multiple domains".

Blog Post created by Mike Elissen Employee on Nov 2, 2017

How to apply mPulse for multiple domains? Best practices for "session tracking across multiple domains".

A customer recently asked me how to track multiple domains (customer.com, customer.co.uk and booking.customer.com) in the same mPulse app. This is definitely possible with a simple configuration set-up.



  • Using Boomerang version 1.500. (Not this is not v1.5, but v1.500.)
  • Ability to place an HTML file at the Origin or enable in Akamai delivery configuration


Steps to enable Session Tracking across multiple domains in mPulse


  1. Login to mPulse and open your App configuration
  2. Navigate to the Sessions tab
  3. Click on Enable Session Tracking across multiple domains



4. Add each subdomain required for tracking in the Specify Domains option. Click add after each domain and verify they appear in the fields.


5. In order to make this work correctly, you will need to host an HTML page on a URL of the main domain that is valid for the app. Copy the HTML code or click on download HTML to save the HTML code. Also please specify the URL of the page where the code was entered. E.g. www.customer.com/akamai/mpulse.html 


6. Click on OK to save these settings.


Steps to host HTML in Akamai delivery configuration


If you do not have access to the origin to host the HTML page, you are able to enable this HTML inside the Akamai delivery configuration by creating a simple rule. Below are the steps to enable this.


1. Login to Luna Control Center and create a new version of your delivery configuration

2. Create a blank rule called mPulse - Session Tracking Across Domains

3. Add the If criteria to match on the specified URL. E.g. hostname is www.customer.com, path is /akamai/, filename is mpulse.html.

4. Add the behavior Construct Response and add the specified HTML code from mPulse

5. Save, test on Akamai Staging and deploy to Akamai Production!


mPulse will now be able to track sessions across multiple domains and making it easier for country-specific sites as well as subdomains to be tracked across the same mPulse app. With custom Dimensions you are able to filter and track data in more detail!


For questions about this, please reply in the comments below!